Now, figuratively speaking, it comes down to unpacking the tools and doing solid operational work, “” according to Heider’s current position determination.

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Now, figuratively speaking, it comes down to unpacking the tools and doing solid operational work, “” according to Heider’s current position determination.

The planning was missed by 23 percent. This success is to be continued in 2001 as well. The film marketing company wants to more than double its sales in the current year with new cinema hits and acquisitions. Sales are to be expanded to EUR 335 million.

Earnings before taxes and interest should increase to EUR 47.2 million in 2001. Internationalmedia plans to produce eight to ten feature films this year. The price of the share lost almost 9.1 percent in the first hour of trading but recovered again in the course of the year. Source: “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from on the subject of film Fans of Bob Dylan can rejoice: the musician allowed Hollywood to make a film about his life story. In Berlin, the Golden Cameras were awarded in a total of 14 categories. The “Hörzu” film and television award went to Jack Nicholson, who was named best international film actor.

Here they are: The 26 competition entries from around the world that will be shown at the 54th Berlinale in the German capital. Plus “” Out of competition “” … The celebrity parade is of course part of it, but at least as important for the success of the festival is the right mix of around 400 films from 44 countries. Rotenburg – Hollywood: What seems more logical than this axis?

Actor Hugh Grant is planning a film about the cannibals from Germany. What a cartoon can do. “” Nemo “”, the name of the clownfish in the successful US film, is now recognized as a male first name by the registry offices in Germany. The east-west comedy “” Good Bye, Lenin! “” By Wolfgang Becker is honored as the best European contribution at the 18th Goya Awards of Spanish Film in Madrid.

Hollywood star Russell Crowe needs an operation. He injured his shoulder while training for his new film “” Cinderella Man “”. The United Nations opens its quarters in New York for the first time for filming. Director Sydney Pollack will shoot some scenes from his film “” The Interpreter “” here. The fantasy drama “The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King” has been awarded four Golden Globes.

The German film “Good Bye, Lenin!” “Came out empty-handed.” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of film One last time the “” Avengers “” appear together and organize in ” “Endgame” “a huge spectacle. This is also reflected in the Disney box office. Already on its first weekend, the film broke many records.

The accounting season in the USA is in full swing. But that is not the only thing that drives prices up. Disney is already benefiting from the superhero epic a day before the new Avengers: Endgame hits theaters.biology essays One asteroid was enough to wipe out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and it is already clear today: it will happen again.

Planetary researchers are therefore investigating how we can deflect such objects – the Hollywood film “Armageddon” was not entirely wrong. Netflix, the top dog in the streaming world, also earns huge sums of money by playing out purchased offers. Disney, as one of the largest film and series producers, wants to bring its content to customers in the future – with its own portal called Disney +. It should be a cool announcement of his triumph in the next year’s election. But the video that US President Trump shares on his Twitter account contains copyrighted music from a Batman film.

The production company responds promptly. A Russian Kremlin critic has been under house arrest for a year and a half. Irrespective of international protests, the judiciary extended the sentence against Kirill Serebrennikov again last week. But now the famous director is surprisingly released. A gang of four girls in Manchester lures a young woman into an ambush and then brutally strikes.

But that’s not the end of the agony: They mock their victim and film them during the attack. Now the perpetrators have to answer for it. Was that it?

No charges by special investigator Mueller, no consequences for US President Trump? Not at all. It will go on in Congress and in the courts. By Roland Peters A voyeurism scandal is causing a stir in South Korea.

Four men are said to have filmed hundreds of hotel guests having sex. According to a report, the videos were shown live online. It’s not the first scandal of its kind. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of film Anyone sitting on the playground these days will quickly find themselves in a very emotional debate about the film” Parent School ” “entangled. But what are the allegations?

By Solveig Bach The life of James “” Whitey “” Bulger inspires films like “” Departed – Unter Feinden “” or “” Black Mass “”. The American gang boss has now been discovered dead in a prison at the age of 89. His death may not have been entirely natural. The competition never sleeps – that’s why the US streaming company Netflix wants to further expand its position on the European market.

Series fans can look forward to new local productions. So much can be revealed: It is getting dark. In the 80s the best films are on VHS, in the 90s on DVD and finally on Blu-ray. Video stores have everything on offer.

But now fewer and fewer customers are coming. Because the Internet offer is now large. That has fatal consequences. Major upheavals are emerging in the German cinema landscape: the Australian entertainment group EVT is separating from the cinema chain Cinestar and selling the company with its 54 locations to competitors from Great Britain.

For several months, a few hundred volunteers can be filmed at a Berlin train station for test purposes. The Ministry of the Interior is satisfied with the result. It remains to be seen whether the project will go into regular operation.

First there is another test run. The film “” Being Mario Götze “” starts in the cinema. Since the BVB player shot Germany to the World Cup title in 2014, everyone has had an opinion about him and his life. The documentation takes a look behind the facade of the controversial media figure.

By Ben Redelings “The animated film producer TV-Loonland wants to achieve a profit of 26.3 million DM in 2001, previously 19.7 million DM had been targeted. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization should be 59 million DM instead of the planned 50 .5 million DM equates to a turnover of 192 million DM. In 2002 TV-Loonland expects a surplus of 45 million DM and a turnover of 247 million DM. The company intends to concentrate in future on in-house productions with significantly higher margins.

Source: “The rights dealer and media service provider Helkon Media, which is listed on the Neuer Markt, has sold a package with twelve first and second licenses to ARD. The company announced this ad hoc on Monday. The sale of the package is the first step in the framework a long-term cooperation with the ARD, it said, including the Hollywood blockbuster “” Mexican “” with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, the thriller “” The Body “” and “” The King Dances “”. Source: “Bernd Eichinger, CEO of Constantin Film AG, has acquired the film rights to the 1885 novel. “” Das Parfum “” has been sold three million times in Germany alone and has been translated into 37 languages ​​worldwide.

However, it should take at least two years before the film can be seen in cinemas. Eichinger said on Wednesday that he wanted to build on successes such as “” The Haunted House “”, “” The Name of the Rose “” and “” The Neverending Story “”. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the exclusive rights. The Constantin share was quoted on the Neuer Markt around noon at EUR 12.40 and thus fell by around 13.5 percent. Source: “(Reuters) – The film producer and rights dealer Odeon Film made its operating loss in the first nine months The earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the months of January to September were minus 0.3 million euros after a loss of 0.9 million euros in the same period last year, the company listed on the Neuer Markt announced on Friday In the third quarter, Odeon even achieved a positive EBIT of 44,000 euros (same period last year: minus 0.4 million euros).

In the same period, sales rose to 10.6 (9.8) million euros. After nine months, sales totaled 27.8 (28.5) million euros. Source: “The violence in the US claimed another person to be killed. A man was shot dead during a demonstration against racism in the US state of Kentucky According to the police, the incident took place on Saturday evening (local time) in Jefferson Square Park in downtown Louisville.

People still tried to give first aid to the man who was shot, but who died at the scene. Shortly afterwards, another person was shot in the immediate vicinity. How many shooters there were was unclear. The police did not provide any further information about the victims. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer declared his “” deep sorrow at the violence “”.

In the run-up to the anti-racism rally, Fischer had urged right-wing counter-demonstrators to stay away from the protest in Jefferson Square Park. The local newspaper “” Louisville Courier Journal “” previously reported that “” armed patriot groups “” intend to confront the anti-racism demonstrators. There have been demonstrations in Louisville for weeks against the death of the Afro-American Breonna Taylor during a police operation in her own apartment three months ago. Source: “According to preliminary figures, the Neuer Markt media company Constantin Film was able to increase its earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the past financial year by EUR 11.2 million to EUR 6.4 million. As was the increase in sales by The Munich-based company announced on Monday that earnings before taxes were 51.5 million euros to 116 million euros.

The cinema sales contributed 53 million euros, TV film rights brought in a further 27 million euros. For the current year an EBIT of 14 million euros with a turnover of 140 million euros is planned. Source: “by Peter Dietze It’s that time again. The Golden Cameras have been handed over and the Berlinale 2002 starts – for the film industry Reason to take stock.

At first glance, the viewership figures in German cinemas make you feel confident; they have climbed by almost 17 percent within a year. Neither the USA nor France recorded such an increase. In 2001, nine films each attracted more than a million people to German cinemas. With “” Manitou’s Shoe “”, which almost 11 million wanted to see, a local production even surpassed the international box office hit “Harry Potter”. Against this background, one should actually expect that the shareholders of the numerous listed companies from the film industry would also have reason to be happy.

A look into the depots is, however, sobering; The prices of many papers developed extremely unsatisfactorily. Many viewers in a few filmsHarald Heider, who heads the “Telemedia Research” department at DZ-Bank, names one reason for this contradicting picture: there was actually a film last year -Boom, but this was limited to a few companies in the industry. The central problem is that the cinema euphoria of 2001, on closer inspection, had a very thin base of very few films. These films – such as “” The Lord of the Rings “” or “” Harry Potter “” – also came mostly from a few major American studios. A case like “” Manitou’s Shoe “” should be rated as an exorbitant exceptional success and by no means typical of the current situation in the domestic film industry.

This can be characterized by two numbers: only 16 percent of the films could have combined 80 percent of the total audience figures last year. A large number of companies from the film industry that are listed on German stock exchanges, however, do not play in this league with – many of the successes that are reported are isolated cases. For example, Helkon was very successful with the rental of “Wedding Planner” “or Splendid Medien with the production of” “Traffic” “. Two to three such successes a year are not enough to make a company profitable in the long term. So when there is talk of a cinema boom, it is only concentrated on very few companies. For the investor, it is therefore important to analyze the specific individual case, then companies can be found that can emerge stronger from a consolidation, as the New Market is currently experiencing.

In general, the film industry is still struggling with the long-term effects of the euphoria on the Neuer Markt. At that time, a number of companies started with completely exaggerated business plans. Operational solidity required “” But now one can say: The party is over – in many cases the broken pieces have already been cleared away. Now, figuratively speaking, it is a matter of unpacking the tools and doing solid operational work, “” is Heider’s current position determination. This can already be observed in some companies. The factory is currently suffering from the weak advertising economy, but is now very well positioned to benefit from a future upturn.

Internationalmedia has meanwhile caught up with the international top class in the field of independent producers. Highlight Communications is again benefiting from the commercial exploitation of the rights to the Champions League and is therefore on the safe side when it comes to liquidity. Splendid Medien had the cleanup work behind them and got away with a black eye overall. After the adjustment of the film library, it is now a small but fine company. ProSiebenSat1 sees Heider in a contradictory situation: On the one hand, the company achieved relatively good results last year despite being heavily dependent on advertising.

On the other hand, membership of the Kirch Group currently results in a high level of uncertainty. The planned merger of ProSieben Sat1 with Kirch Media stand or fall with the fate of the highly indebted Kirch Group. Should this not happen, foreign investors might be interested. Heider does not see the danger of a break-up.

ProSiebenSat1 has a high strategic value. Every potential investor will probably try to secure this as a whole. Source: “The shares of Kinowelt Medien AG have risen by 16 percent on the Neuer Markt, according to a report by the” Süddeutsche Zeitung “, according to which the highly indebted company over the Return of a package to Warner Brothers negotiated.

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