He is also less well cared for near the door

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He is also less well cared for near the door

Several members of the Darboven family fear for the future of the Hamburg coffee maker. “We are deeply concerned about this company, in which we together hold 42.5 percent of the shares,” writes Arthur Darboven – son of company boss Albert Darboven (82) – with his cousins ​​Arndt and Behrendt Darboven and their mother Helga Darboven in one joint open letter. They warn that there could be a “break with the values ​​of the company and the family”. The paper is available to the German press agency, “Bild” had previously reported on it.

Andreas Jacobs should take the lead

According to the letter, the core of the problem is the question of who will be in charge of the company (“coffee idea”) in the future. It should also be about the role of Andreas Jacobs (54), offspring of the Bremen coffee entrepreneur family Jacobs. “We cannot understand at all that Albert Darboven, our father or uncle, wants to hand over the management of the family business to Dr. Andreas Jacobs,” explain the younger Darbovens.

A spokeswoman for Darboven confirmed the content of the letter at the weekend. Upon request, Jacobs-Holding in Zurich did not initially provide any comments. So far, the management of the Darboven company can only be passed on within the family. However, Jacobs has “no close ties to our company,” argue the authors.

Arthur Darboven left the company, which is now over 150 years old, in 2009 and now trades in green coffee himself. His father Albert had already indicated earlier that one day he could adopt a successor or give part of the assets to a foundation. Darboven is currently the smallest of the five large German coffee manufacturers. 2016 showed the balance sheet of Albert Darboven Holding GmbH Co. KG made a loss of around 4.6 million euros.

Sources used: dpa

The “Paradeiserl stuck” is an old custom that has existed for more than 400 years. Similar to the Advent wreath, candles, fir branches and fruits are artfully put together – but in the form of a pyramid. Putting the tomatoes together is actually very easy. It works even better with the following instructions.

Advent, Advent … That belongs to a contemplative pre-Christmas season

Photo series with 10 pictures

Stuck Paradeiserl: a Bavarian custom

The custom has its origin in Bavaria and is older than that of the Advent wreath and the Christmas tree. The use of the Paradeiserl differs only slightly from the Advent wreath, because it is placed on the table as a Christmas decoration to create a festive atmosphere. The paradeiserl takes its name from “Paradise” and is supposed to remind of Jesus’ birth as well as Adam and Eve.

How you can stick tomatoes

If you too want to put a tomato and thus revive the custom, you first need a few accessories. Collect three short and long sticks, several small fir branches, four apples and four Christmas tree balls as well as four small squares made of aluminum foil with a size of four by four centimeters.

You will also need a pair of secateurs, wire and knife and four large candles. Carve the ends of the sticks to a point, making sure that the small and large ones are the same length. Tie the fir branches around the sticks and then use some wire to pin them together to form a pyramid. The short sticks form the base, the long ones the top of the pyramid.

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Paradeiserl – apples shouldn’t be missing either

The apples are then polished to a high gloss with a dry cloth and cored so that suitable holes are created for the candles.persuasive and argumentative essay topics Now attach the apples to the four tips of the pyramid. Finally, the preparation of the candlesticks follows. To do this, take the small squares made of aluminum foil and wrap them around the lower ends of the candles so that the upper ends protrude. If you put this into the apples, the aluminum foil will catch the candle wax.

Do you also read the term career training everywhere? You have probably already wondered what it means. Many very simple terms seem more important and better in English. There is something very simple behind it. The term career training has several different meanings depending on where you are going.

Career training in Germany

In Germany, such training courses are mostly offered at universities, in the form of courses and seminars. In the end, you will learn nothing else there than in an application course from the employment office. You simulate job interviews and write cover letters in order to be better equipped for a real application. The term career training is also used in a different context; internships abroad are also called this. If you are studying or working abroad, you are taking part in career training, so to speak. It is so called because an internship abroad makes sense and you learn a lot in the process – the language and important experiences that you would never have at home. Special career trainings are mostly offered in Canada, England and the USA.

The term career training abroad

But the term career training has another meaning. If you are in the States, you will be offered one or two career training courses at the university. Here the expression again stands for simple seminars and training measures. These are not just courses for applicants, but normal courses like the ones we offer. As soon as you read the term somewhere, you should ask three times what the offer is. Unfortunately, some companies express themselves ambiguously, and it would be a shame to apply again.

Advent calendars sweeten the time until Christmas with 24 small gifts. Sweets, tea, candies and other small gifts fit wonderfully into the sachet and are not only a delight for children. We have put together creative ideas for advent calendars for you. You immediately feel like tinkering.

More about Advent

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Make your own advent calendar very easily

Of course, you can also buy ready-made advent calendars and choose between filled and unfilled versions. But it is especially fun if you make the advent calendar yourself. Before you can get started with scissors and glue, you should think about what content it should be filled with. Because the size depends on it. In general, cookies, chocolate or other sweets are just as suitable as tangerines, nuts, product samples or vouchers.

Vouchers are also useful if the gifts are a little larger, because they always have space in the calendar. It is important that the gifts match the age and gender of the recipient.

Sacks or matchboxes

There are no limits to your imagination when designing the advent calendar. In addition to small bags, matchboxes, empty yogurt cups or socks can also provide space for the small presents. These can then be easily attached to a ribbon with clothespins, glued to a wooden plate or stored in a large bowl. Then the containers are numbered 1-24 and filled. It is also nice when very special little things are hidden on December 6th and 24th.

If you like, you can decorate the advent calendar with Christmas decorations. Silver stars, fir branches, pearls or wooden figures – whatever you like is allowed.

Do not hang the advent calendar over the heater

If you want to design the advent calendar yourself, you have to plan enough time for the handicrafts. Because depending on how elaborately the calendar is to be designed, a lot of time is required. And the small gifts must also be selected and procured. You should also think about how much money you want to spend before you go shopping. Because with 24 small things you quickly lose track of the costs. When everything is ready, the calendar only needs to be hung up.

Tips for crafting and filling: beautiful advent calendars for men

But be careful: Anyone who has packed chocolate in the Advent calendar should not hang it near a heater. He is also less well cared for near the door. There is a risk that he will be bumped again and again when going in and out. So it can break quickly.

The Schwibbogen decorates the windows in many places during Advent. With its Christmas and mining motifs, the candle arch delights young and old and is not only popular as a Christmas decoration in the Ore Mountains.

Advent, Advent … That belongs to a contemplative pre-Christmas season

Photo series with 10 pictures

Schwibbogen: Folk art from the Ore Mountains

The Schwibbogen is a Christmas light arch. He comes from the mining environment in the Saxon Ore Mountains. The Christmas decoration consists of an upright arch, the top of which is decorated with candles or light bulbs. The inside of the arch offers space for figures. Originally the candle arch was made of metal. Wood has been used predominantly since the Second World War. 

History of the arc of light

The Schwibbogen is a Christmas decoration that was invented in the mining industry in the 18th century. The first known specimen dates from 1740. The miner C. G. Teller from Johanngeorgenstadt made the Schwibbogen for a pre-Christmas carousing party. Over the years the light arch has established itself as a typical Christmas decoration in the mining environment. He gained national fame after the Second World War.

Symbolism of the arc of light

The name Schwibbogen is derived from the term Schwebebogen. A floating arch is a supporting arch that is attached between two walls. The connection to the floating arch as a typical element of an underground tunnel led to the assumption that the candle arch represented the mouth hole of a mining tunnel. Nowadays the semicircle is often interpreted as an arch of the sky, which reflects the longing of miners for daylight.

Typical motifs

The popular Christmas decorations were originally provided with Christian motifs. The oldest motif, which is no longer used today, is the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. In addition, candle arches are made with motifs from the Christmas story or the darts of churches.

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Scenes from the everyday life of miners are shown far more frequently. A typical motif is the depiction of two miners, a carver and a lace maker. The figures represent the main sources of income for the rural population in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is not Santa Claus who brings the presents in Sweden, but the Yule goat. Therefore, the pretty straw figure should not be missing under any Christmas tree. You can find out more about the traditional Christmas decorations here.

Christmas in other countries: this is how people celebrate here

Photo series with 8 pictures

Julbock: Swedish Christmas decorations

A Yule goat is part of Christmas in Sweden. The traditional Christmas decorations represent a billy goat and are made from straw. The straws are braided and tied with red ribbons. This not only looks pretty, but also gives the straw figure stability. Since the Yule goat is known in Sweden for bringing the presents, the straw figure is often made in life size. Loaded with presents, he stands under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

When the Yule goat is on fire

In some tree-poor areas of Sweden the Yule goat was burned for Christmas. So the people were cozy and warm at the festival even without firewood. The Yule Goat from Gävle has not been spared this fate: the thirteen-meter-high Yule goat is the symbol of the Swedish city of Gävle and has been erected on Schlossplatz every year since 1966.

Despite numerous efforts, the gigantic Christmas decorations repeatedly fell victim to arsonists. Since the billy goat is also made of straw, it is easy to set it on fire. Despite fire retardants, the landmark burns brightly every year.

Legend of the Julbock

The figure of the Julbock comes from Norse mythology. He is said to have pulled the chariot of Thor, the god of thunder, together with a fellow member. The legend of Thor and his Yule goats is closely linked to Christmas in Sweden. Because in pre-Christian times the pagan festival of the Rauhnächte was celebrated at this time of year, in which the god of thunder is said to have been particularly strong.

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Legend has it that after the god defeated Thor, even the wild billy goats of the god of thunder became pious as a lamb. The Yule goat remembers this victory to this day.

Make Advent with children contemplative and at the same time arouse the anticipation for Christmas – this is very easy with a few tips.

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