Down load maps. The map area starts downloading towards the unit

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Down load maps. The map area starts downloading towards the unit

The first degree may be large as well as the mask can happen to cover the entire map, which makes it difficult to start to see the area that is unmasked. To look at area which will be installed, zoom in unless you is able to see the area that is unmasked.

By standard, the installed map area uses the level that is highest of information supported by the basemap. If you do not require that degree of detail, give consideration to selecting a coarser degree. This will make the down load faster and makes use of less room on your own unit.

If you wish to install a larger area than is shown unmasked, modification amount of information to decrease what lengths you’ll zoom in with no back ground becoming pixelated, which advances the online (unmasked) area.

In the event your map works on the vector tile basemap, you may not look at known amount of information environment. All zoom amounts are supported on vector tile basemaps.

You’re taken back into record of maps and will begin to see the downloading map area.

When working with a map that is downloaded, you have to make use of basemap downloaded with all the map or copied to your unit. Basemaps must overlap the level regarding the map area and their spatial guide must match that associated with standard basemap.

If you want to determine and install another map area, make use of the Overflow menu in the toolbar (beside examine this link right now the map title).

Down load a map

Some maps in Explorer should be installed to be utilized. Should your map shows a down load icon, touch the map to down load it. Once downloaded, the map is designated as an On unit map. Touch the map to open up it.

Try to find among the download that is following: Android , iPad or iPhone , or Windows .

Down load and copy a map

In an email), copy it to your device to use it in Explorer if you downloaded a map outside Explorer (for example, from a website or it was sent to you . Explorer supports copying maps in .mmpk files.

  • iPad and iPhone devices—Use iTunes and link your unit to your computer or laptop. See Apple help for information on making use of iTunes to generally share files in the middle of your computer as well as your unit and stick to the steps to copy the .mmpk file from your own computer to your Explorer application in your unit.
  • Android devices—Connect your unit to your personal computer, make use of your computer’s file explorer to browse to your unit, and copy the .mmpk file into.
  • Windows devices—Open Explorer . Start the Maps list, touch the Overflow menu, and faucet Import Map . Browse into the .mmpk file you wish to import and tap Import Map .

As soon as it is copied by you to your unit, the map is designated as an On unit map. Touch the map to start it.

If you are utilizing A android os, iPad, or iPhone unit and Explorer ended up being available whenever you copied the map, you need to relaunch Explorer or refresh the range of available maps to see the copied map into the On Device maps.

Copy a basemap towards the unit (optional)

If your basemap is made to duplicate to your unit, supply it right to your unit. This is done by copying the file to the device or SD card on Android devices. This is done through the Files app or iTunes on iOS devices . On iOS you have to restart Explorer in your unit to start to see the updates meant to the basemaps. This is done by copying the file to the device on Windows devices.

  • On Android os —Plug your unit or facts to your computer. Employing a file explorer on your desktop, browse to \Android\data\com.esri.explorer\files\basemaps ( if it folder does not exist, produce it). Copy the basemap file ( .tpk , .tpkx , or .vtpk ) you need in your device compared to that basemaps folder.
  • Data software ( iOS )—Copy the basemap file ( .tpk , .tpkx , or .vtpk ) you desire on your own device to an internet site that’s available into the Data application, as an example, iCloud Drive , Box , or Bing Drive . Within the data application, browse to where you uploaded the basemap file and content it to your unit, putting it when you look at the Explorer folder. See Apple help for complete actions on making use of the data application on the unit.
  • iTunes ( iOS )—Connect your unit to your pc and visit your unit in iTunes . Browse towards the files distributed to these devices and choose the Explorer software. Drag the tile package ( .tpk , .tpkx , or .vtpk ) in to the documents part for Explorer . See Apple help for complete actions on making use of iTunes to fairly share files in the middle of your computer along with your unit.
  • On Windows —Plug your unit to your computer. Utilizing a file explorer on your pc, browse ( if that folder does not exist, produce it). Copy the basemap file ( .tpk , .tpkx , or .vtpk ) you need on your own unit to that particular basemaps folder.

The basemap is immediately ready for use on Android and Windows. The tile package is moved into a Basemaps folder on your device and is available for use in Explorer on iOS , the next time you access basemaps .

To rename a basemap on a device that is ios make use of the data application. The file, and rename it in the Files app, browse to the basemap file, long press. The name that is new shown in Explorer whenever switching basemaps.

Start and employ a downloaded map

When you install a map to your unit, you assist it the way that is same an on-line map. Into the Maps list or Map Areas list, touch the map or map area to start it. You’ll be able to pan and zoom and use markup within the in an identical way as any map.


You can find limits in the functionality for sale in installed maps in Explorer :

As you can nevertheless seek out your assets without having a data connection, looking for destination names and details needs a information connection. For those who have a information connection while using your installed map, you can easily search while you do in an internet map.

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